The Super Moon

All the earth worships you and sings praises to you; they sing praises to your name.” Selah Psalm 66:4

This week I have been in Philadelphia for work. It’s been a busy week, with much time in meetings and being attached to a computer. The evenings have been spent catching up with friends and colleagues in different meals, sharing stories, catching up and laughing together, and lots of good food.

One night I was talking with the friends I was staying with, and one of them said, “Tonight is the biggest super moon on the year. Let’s watch it rise.” After a long day of work and people, I wasn’t sure I wanted to stand and watch the moon rise. A moon is a moon, right? But I had repeatedly admired this friend throughout the week for the way she lives life with an “all in” attitude and with joy. So if she was suggesting watching the moon, I would watch the moon.

And it was glorious, friends.

It was a bit hazy, and we were in the city, so it wasn’t so much the actual moon (though it was beautiful!) but it was more the fact that I was standing in the cooling evening air with friends, watching God’s creation for no other purpose than just to be reminded of how amazing God and his creation is. I took the time to just watch, just be still. No agenda, no rush. I was thankful for the moment and for the friend who suggested it.

As I get older, I have been trying to be more intentional about what it means to be a person of steadfastness and peace. I realize that this only happens when I sit in stillness, when I abide in his goodness and love. It happens when I am aware of his fingerprint on everything and everyone around me. It’s hard to be angry or anxious when I am seeing my great Creator in everything. What a holy lesson.

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